Bee Inspired

I  would like to officially welcome a new community to my neighbourhood, more specifically, po box – my backyard, street number – under my lime tree.

The very small and very gorgeous Trigona carbonaria or Sugar bag bees,  a boxed hive of stingless, native bees.

Most people may not be aware of these tiny pollinators that are native to Queensland, busily collecting nectar and pollen around them, to take back to beautiful spiral hives built low in logs and hollowed out trees, and sometimes where you least expect, like your electricity box.

Queenslands Russell Zabel, has developed a box suitable to house these tiny aviators and has developed the design of the box to make housing their hive, watching them and even collecting their liquid gold honey, as easy as its ever been.

Unlike honey bees, native bees require little maintenance and effort, are safe for those allergic to bee stings and brilliant little pollinators.

Here are a few shots after the hive was installed as the girls carefully poked their head out of the bottom entrance for the first time to look around and take their maiden voyage.

I am looking forward to the adventure of becoming an apiarist for the first time and keeping native bees.

Trigona Carbonaria native beeTrigona Carbonaria native bee Trigona Carbonaria native bee