• Halloween

  • Eek – Its Halloween! I am not entirely sure what that means and having done no research I wont venture my thoughts on Halloweens origins, however I will say that this year is the first year that I have ever partaken in the Hall[...]
Orange and Pomegranate summer refresher
Forgotten something?
  • Forgotten something?

  • Sometimes I can be a bit of an idealist. Over a cup of tea I can daydream of a world without starvation; clean, free air and water; justice for the wicked; yada yada yada…and then I can be a fatalist and concede none of that wi[...]
  • Origins of Easter

  • Growing up in Southern Africa our family’s Easter was traditionally Christian—give up something for Lent—I chose brussel sprouts, 40 days of pure heaven! (not the point, I know). We also gently blew the yolks out of hens eggs an[...]
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