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The Pizza Capers 'Inferno' campaign

The brief

  • Advertising agency ‘Junior’, approached Feast for the new Pizza Capers Inferno campaign imagery. Their objective was to create a delicious yet visually dynamic hero image of an exploding pizza, to highlight Pizza Capers collaboration with Tabasco Sauce.
  • The TVC frames were already mapped out, but the agency was not sure if the idea would translate into a still image. They wanted to capture a kinetic moment of propelled ingredients into the sense of a frozen moment in time—all while retaining an overall tantalising appeal to showcase this delicious yet spicy-as-you-like pizza.
  • As a synchronised launch with the TVC ad, the campaign image would be used across billboards, bus wraps, metrolites, mailouts and other print collateral.

Our approach

  • The first step for Feast was to mentally deconstruct the shot to work out how to pragmatically achieve the requested concept.
  • The Feast team spent a few hours in preproduction discussing the ways in which it might be best to take on such an image. We planned a ‘test shoot’, purchased ingredients and spent a half a day trialing our ideas to learn what worked and what did not. With the insight we gained from the test shoot, we digitally created a mock-up for the agency’s feedback.
  • The mockup (pictured left) was well received by the agency’s Art Director Corey Silva and was used to pitch the concept to the client. Pizza Capers loved it, the concept was approved, the mockup was used as a style guide moving forward, and the shoot day was booked.

The execution

  • On the shoot day, knowing what was to come, the team prepared the studio with plastic sheeting—like a scene from Dexter!
  • Lighting and equipment was arranged to the drafted lighting plot, and the stylist and Pizza Capers team prepped the pizza and ingredients.
  • We had a Gaffa, Danny Michaud, from Light and Motion, engaged to help with the pyrotechnics including smoke, sparks and flames with fire safety equipment on standby. When the client arrived on set everything was ready to go.
  • We photographed each ingredient and element separately, including the sparks, fire and smoke to ensure we had all the assets for the next important phase—post-production.

The edit

  • As we previously created the mock-up to outline how the shot should look, we were able to hand over the assets to our professional digital artist Derek Leong, to composite the image and bring the idea to life.
  • With feedback from the Art Director and our Principal Nadine Shaw, Derek was able to finesse the final imagery including customisation for the different deliverables and their specific requirements.

The outcome

  • Here you can see a sample of the final outcomes including the Agency’s added creative: portrait, 6×3 billboards; and a 12×3 billboard.


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