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Why hire Feast?
In the same way you go to a specialist heart surgeon for a heart operation and in a hospital - rather than to a GP, the advantage of working with Feast, is that it is a specialist food photography business, with decades of experience in the food and hospitality industry.
Feast has a dedicated food studio with commercial kitchen and a purposely curated treasure trove of props on hand, as well as handy to everything a food shoot could need at a pinch, from fresh fruit and vegetables to spray paint right next door - which can really make the shoot run fast and more smoothly and make the food stylists job easier by allowing the team room to adapt and invent on the spot if called for and make the client's dish or product glisten.
How much is it going to cost?
The true answer to that is always “More than you want it to”

It totally depends on you, your product and your required outcomes.

While we have set rates, to provide the most accurate quote we can, we need to discuss your brief and begin to break it down into a shot list or alternatively if you are unsure exactly what you might want or need we take your wish-list and reasons for needing the imagery and work with you to further your required deliverables into a working shot list.

This provides a visual outline of what can be achieved and how long that will actually take. Here is where we work with you to fit into your budget.
As a general rule each hero image take an hour to prepare, cook, style, plate, compose and shoot. This varies with the complexity of the shot.
More simple dishes will take approx. 30 minutes.
More complex setups will take 1.5 hours to 2 hours, and large complicated scenes with food, environment, and talent, can sometimes a full day.

You can generally expect to pay around $4000.00 for a full day shoot with food photographer, post-production, food stylist and re-reimbursable expenses. This will net you around 8 – 15 hero images including variations. It all comes down to your brief, your deliverables and your budget.

How many images can expect to get from a 1-day shoot?
In our standard 8 to 10 hour day, including bumping in, a modest lunch break and loading out, with great preparation and depending on the complexity of the dish, you can expect to receive 8 -12 premium quality hero images in one day. Want to know more contact us?
How do you quote?
Depending on what you require to achieve your deliverables will depend on the total cost.
You may want stills only, you may need video, or stop motion, a stylist, a shoot chef, editing or design.

A breakdown of what you might expect to see on your quote would be:

Professional food photographer/ videographer:
• Day or half-day rate - professional time spent on set.
• Pre-production – concept development, sourcing, creating, scheduling.
• Post-production – editing, retouching, delivery, and archiving.

Professional food Stylist/ Stylist:
• Day or half-day rate - professional time spent on set.
• Pre-production – concept development, recipe writing, creating backgrounds and surfaces, procurement of props, selecting, shopping and collating receipts for reimbursement, packing of hundreds of props and surfaces to bring to location or studio.
• Shoot chef – the assistant chef who helps speed up the process by cooking, while the stylist plates up the hero dishes and styles the overall image.
• Provisional costs – these are generally the fresh produce costs, pantry staples, and can also be specific props or surfaces requested by the client, agreed to prior and reimbursed after the shoot.
• Props and Surface hire - the use of the stylists currently prop and surface inventory.

Other relevant costs could be - assistants, talent, wardrobe or hair, and make-up artists

When using Feast, you get the benefit of our fully-equipped food studio which is included at no extra cost, as well as 5 million public liability insurance and goods in physical and legal control. We have you covered!

Why do l need a specialist food photographer?
a person who devotes himself or herself to one subject or to one particular branch of a subject or pursuit.

In the same way, an astronaut dedicates their life to the acquiring of all knowledge related to science and the cosmos and not just learning to drive the spacecraft. Feast photography is dough - balls deep in the food industry, keeping a- chicken - breast of the coming food trends, ahead of the style changes and in touch with the industry from primary producers to FMCG. The Feast team has decades of experience and an intricate knowledge of how certain foods behave and the requirements to get the best possible out of each product in front of the lens. Feast understands the industry language and its inherent needs and is able to guarantee fit for purpose imagery exquisitely showcasing your product.

How do I get the most out of my shoot?
Delivering a clear and comprehensive brief and allowing enough time to prepare is key. Giving your creative team at least 2 weeks prior to your planned shoot day is the best way to start, this not only ensures you receive an accurate quote with no surprises, if gives your creative team time to build your surfaces and backgrounds and source custom props and other items to give your images a fresh and unique look taylor made to your brand.
How do I properly brief my creative team?
That's the question that will ensure you get exactly what you need and save you money.
It's an answer worthy of its own blog, so please check out our guest blog by Melissa Korhez. She has over 10 years of experience in creative direction in the food industry and has thoroughly perfected the art of briefing creative teams. She believes that good photography is never an accident and you can set yourself up for success by writing a comprehensive brief. Here’s how!


What’s the difference between a professional food photographer and a blogger or content creator?
A content creator or blogger will try to fit your brand into their limited style and manoeuvre your deliverables to fit their constricted skill spectrum.
-A professional food photographer has the skills and experience to create anything you might desire, no matter how technically complex, and do so consistently, repeatedly and on-demand.

A content creator or blogger expects you to hand over your product and they tell your story how they see fit.
-A professional food photographer will listen to and understand your brand voice and create unique imagery to fit your individual look and feel.

A content creator or blogger will do multiple images for you in one day, but won’t meet your deliverables and their usability is limited.
-A professional food photographer will create fewer, more high-quality images that are fit for purpose, each image will be useable across all your required outputs and speak with your brand's voice

Ten important questions I should ask my photographer before committing.
1) Is food photography within the food and hospitality industry your specialty?

2) How long have you been specializing in food photography?

3) How much experience do you have with my type of product?

4) Can you provide consistent results over many shoots regardless of the conditions?

5) Are you a master at studio lighting?

6) Do you have the backup and systems in place to store my images for many years safely?

7) Do you belong to your industry body, the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional photographers) and adhere to its customer guarantee and moral code of ethics?

8) Do you have comprehensive insurance both Public Liability and Goods in physical and legal control?

9) Do you have quick access to an extensive range of props and surfaces to bring my brand alive with its unique look and feel?

10) Do you have a commercial kitchen in your studio for product preparation and styling my product?

Why do I need to use a food stylist?
It`s the equivalent of asking ``why use a make-up and hair stylist on a fashion shoot?``

The food stylist adds value to the end result by bridging the intersection of food and photography.
Interpreting the brief to source props, backgrounds, produce and recipes in order to help efficiently deliver a product fine-tuned for the camera and not for the diner.

A stylist must not only possess thorough food knowledge but a strong sense of design along with an understanding of how food behaves in front of the camera, where the sweet spots are, how far it can be pushed and any potential issues they may anticipate. They can work in concert with an in-house chef by enhancing and translating the dish for the lens. Plating for the camera requires an additional skill set.

What does Feast specialize in?
We are a food photography business specialising in the food service, hospitality and catering industry, as well as primary producers and wholesalers, pretty much any business, institution, and company responsible for growing, producing and preparing any meal prepared outside the home. As well as that, we are experienced in editorial publications from Cookbooks to Gourmet Traveller magazine.

Our clients come from most sectors of the food and hospitality industry including;

Food Services:
• Primary producers
• Wholesalers and importers
• Raw product ingredients supply
• Restaurants and bars fine dining and catering
• Banquet and Events
• Catering
• Hotels and club service
• Bars clubs and gaming
• Quick service restaurants (QSR) Focused on Speed, self-service and takeaway
• Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) Products sold fast and fairly cheap, like fruit/ veg, milk, packaged foods, beverages and consumables.
• Full service fine dining and casual: Sit down dining with table service a wide selection of food and beverage.
• Institutional food service: Mass-produced meals for large organizations responsible for prepared meals outside the home
• Catering: Industrial, Institution, welfare, outdoor
• Beverage
• Retail food products
• Packaging and equipment supply
• Hospitality equipment supplies

You can trust us to understand what you are trying to say, deliver exactly what you need and do it on time, on budget and consistently.

That is what true talent, skill, and experience will buy you.

What guarantees can Feast give me?
We understand it can be very confusing navigating the shark-infested waters of selecting your creatives to trust your business investment to.
It’s generally not a cheap and easy process when you take the next step of launching your product toward the stars.
At Feast, we promise to manage your expectations, by being clear about what is possible from the start with the parameters and budget you specify.
We always under-promise and over-deliver and work with you like a well-oiled machine, to achieve your deliverables, because your success is our success, it’s in our DNA to make you shine. You can trust in our experience and collective industry wisdom to supply exactly what you need, on time, on budget and consistently.

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