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Feast Photography

​Feast understands that a picture is worth a thousand words — and when it comes to food imagery, it tastes that way too! The right visuals can trigger a delicious waterfall of senses far beyond sight. A sublime picture can make you dream, desire, anticipate and salivate.

What’s a cake without frosting?

Even the tastiest food can be bland without a perfectly, polished presentation. Feast’s attention to detail is dished out by a passionate team of hunter-gatherers — constantly in search of unique props and perfect pieces to create stories that rouse tastebuds. The hunt itself juices the imagination, and the tastiest ideas are born while fossicking through the dark ends of dusty antique stores and frequenting designer markets to find unique, handmade pieces. The challenge to bring these concepts to life is what the Feast team feeds on.

Perfectly blended — NEVER under or overcooked

Like a time honoured recipe, Feast binds together a team of exceptional professionals to achieve mouth-watering looks. The ability to expertly plate up compositions for the lens and that hold under studio lights, are sought-after skills requiring years of knowledge and practise.

Our food stylists are seasoned chefs and talented creatives in their own right, bringing a brilliant emulsion of gastronomic knowledge and artistry.

Feast’s image-makers know instinctively how to combine concept, lighting and shutter speed to positively project the sweetness of any culinary object onto the viewer’s tongue.

Our brand experts provide direction to ensure your product is well-positioned and relevant.

Kilos of experience, gently whipped with creativity and a dash of love

Feast Photography is the freshly baked concept of principal photographer Nadine Shaw. Nadine has a genuine passion for food that travels from pollen to plate. Coupled with over 18 years of professional experience in advertising and commercial photography, Nadine is a master in the kitchen like no other! Oh, did we mention she loves food?

If your business is food… then it’s our first love.  Feast will add the emotive sizzle to your product, to melt the hearts of your customers.

Skills mastered


With over two decades of experience, we know the questions need to be asked to extract a detailed brief.


Effective liaison with the whole team including the client, to keep everyone and the project on track.


The team with finely honed skills to produce outstanding food imagery.

Post production

Fast, superior skills in editing and compositing to complete your perfect brand story.

The perfect shoot needs the perfect studio

Pollinator is Brisbane’s first purpose-built food photography studio and home of Feast food photography. With a hybrid commercial-domestic kitchen the space is perfect for chef, food stylists, and creatives alike, and is equipped with everything needed for professional-level food photography.

Pollinator is situated on the northern, inner rim of Brisbane at Stafford. The studio is conveniently located next door to Stafford City shopping centre—with a fantastic fresh fruit market, butcher, baker, food court, and other handy stores. The location is also directly across from a flower market and Bunnings for any extra touches to perfect your shoot.

Additionally, the studio houses an extensive range of props and surfaces for hire to cater to any look and feel.

Musings and milestones

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