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Principal photographer

Nadine Shaw is principal of Feast,
specialist food photographer and creative professional

Image-maker – Beekeeper – Happiness Advocate

Nadine helps food-based businesses consistently showcase their product to market, inspiring appetite and sales. Whether it’s highlighting subtle product features or making a less attractive dish look delectable, Nadine is an expert at teasing out food’s unique qualities to draw in an audience.

With a professional history in commercial, advertising and product photography, Nadine saw an early opportunity to focus sharply on one of her major loves — food and all its peripherals.

Since then, the steady rise of social media has skyrocketed society’s interest in food—from the nurturing to the decadent, Nadine understands that food plays a primal and vital role in the lives of every living being on the planet.

While this appeal has seen an explosion of lucky-food-snappers, few understand the complexities of professionally photographing fare to capture its best assets. Likewise few have the knowledge to light and style cohesively under any condition—imperative for serious brands needing to maintain consistency and quality.

Nadine also commands an intricate understanding of specific visual elements that trigger positive responses in a viewer’s brain. This explicit knowledge is the true advantage of Nadine’s work.

As a pioneer in this niche since 1999, Nadine backed her hunch and established Brisbane’s only purpose-built food photography studio in 2017. She has been happily shooting and sampling ever since.

Nadine trained in visual arts and photography and has worked across the globe from London and South Africa to Australia. Her long history shooting for corporates, industrial, and advertising gives her a deep appreciation for what marketing teams need. She also draws experience from working on a wide spectrum of subjects:  from open-heart surgery; to celebrities; and to top-secret military aircraft; to cupcakes (of course!)

Why choose me


Master in the art of lighting for any situation

The world without photography will be meaningless to us if there is no light.

Professional skills

Over two decades of experience across a broad range of subjects and conditions.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”  Albert Einstein


Heavy investment in professional-level equipment to achieve even the most complex result.

Right tool, right job, right way.


Streamlined operation and connectivity from camera to post, so you get your high-quality images fast.

Perfect pixels from pollen to plate.

uniQUE vision

The application of tools can be learned but creativity and life experience bring a unique perspective.

Turn that spark into a flame.


A true passion for all things food-related from seed to consumption.

Mastery comes from obsession and practice.

Musings and milestones

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