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Food stylists have superpowers
May 10, 2017

Why a food stylist is my superhero sidekick A food stylist can prepare food that looks deliciously edible for hours! This is how long a food photographer needs to get those amazing shots. A qualified chef's fantastic creations are often for instant admiration and tasting. Even the most genius dish can structurally change over time into something more like road kill—only to be enhanced under the camera's detailed view. This is why I work with a...

What's your burger style?
April 6, 2017

­ On a recent burger photo shoot for one of my amazing clients, I was in pre-production with the food stylist discussing ways to style the burgers—as you do! We realised that there are definite differences we automatically work towards, and wanted to share these great insights with you. The Advertising Burger—versus—The Editorial Burger One is a burger you may be tempted buy at a fast food restaurant, the other a burger you may see in a...

Spring is here!
September 1, 2015

Spring has arrived!   And to celebrate today - we decided to get festive with whats in season, beautiful blood oranges. And what could be better than blood orange and Campari popsicles.  Happy Spring. 325ml blood orange juice,  50ml  Campari,  100g  caster sugar,  200ml water,  40ml lemon juice Food Photography:  Nadine Shaw  Food Styling:  Pete...

May 27, 2014

I haven't had this much fun with food in a while, when you get the opportunity to include food, fire, and exploding sauce all in one space,  mess happens - a lot of mess, but a lot of laughing , and a lot of scraping pizza sauce off your camera for days. This is from my recent shoot for the new Pizza Capers Inferno campaign. Special thanks to Feast's inspired team and to Danny Michaud from Light and Motion, for his help with the pyrotechnics...

March 19, 2014

I was very surprised when I was informed by the American publishing company - Rockport Publishers, that they wanted to use 21 of my food styled photographs,  in their new book 1000 Food and Art Styling ideas, and here I was thinking I was just having a bit of fun on my back deck with what was freshly grown in my...

Snuffed out
June 20, 2012

"Stilled Life" My years of shooting everything from high fashion to coal have taken me to wild and wondrous places. These experiences have given me a front row seat at the sources of our food supply. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the shockingly ugly. That connection has given me a enormous respect for the plants and animals that give up their life to sustain ours. For these reasons I’ve made personal choices to grow my own organic veggies, and...

Down the Rabbit hole
May 20, 2012

As a child I had a very vivid imagination, and a penchant for the theatrical. Nowadays, the things I dream up I want to be able to make a reality.  In pixels anyway. My idea was to re-create Lewis Caroll’s Mad Hatter’s tea party, but to capture the mayhem just after the characters had fled the scene. With the assistance of talented food stylist, Jaime Reyes, bringing the magic to the table by creating toadstools with cupcakes, burger-sized...

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