Here is how to engage your professional food photographer from a seasoned professionals perspective.

“Brisbane based Tamika Nelsen has been in the marketing industry for over a decade working for a number of key brands including; Qantas, Taco Bell, and Nando’s. Throughout her career, she has engaged many professional creatives to support executional tactics to achieve required business and brand objectives.”

This is what she had to say about her process of finding the right creatives to fit her expectations.

  • Research online thoroughly; view their food photography website, their work, and their social channels.
    Their previous work is a great way to support your decision for choosing the right creative.
  • Does their style and quality of work align with your required outcomes?
  • And do they understand your industry and its language?
  • Make contact by calling or emailing them directly to introduce yourself, give a brief outline of your requirements, and find out more about their skills to execute on your required outcomes.
  • If this is all positive, I suggest arranging a face to face or zoom meeting to go through a full briefing and further depth of detail to what you require and request a quote.
  • Working with creatives is just as much about your compatibility and communication with each other.
  • You need to be able to provide honest and transparent feedback when working with creatives and you want to make sure they can reciprocate. Therefore, I always like to meet face to face with a new creative to gauge our potential working style/dynamic.
  • Check they are within your budget and most importantly can meet your deliverables.
  • And finally, ascertain whether you can build a good working relationship long term with them and their team.