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New to getting your product photographed ?
June 20, 2020

Here is how to engage your photographer from a seasoned professionals perspective. “Tamika Nelsen has been in the marketing industry for over a decade working for a number of key brands including; Qantas, Taco Bell, and Nando’s. Throughout her career, she has engaged many professional creatives to support executional tactics to achieve required business and brand objectives.” This is what she had to say about her process of finding the...

A handy hiring checklist to find your next pro photographer
March 25, 2020

The Photographer or the Instagrammer - choosing your next pro Just like The Cook and The Chef, an Australian television show I adore, ‘The Instagrammer and The Photographer’ both have admirable qualities. The valuable point here is—they’re offering very different services in a similar sphere. Being well-versed in the food-service industry I hear both amazing and cringe-worthy stories about photoshoots, photographers and their final...

It's Easter—and you only get one shot at it
March 27, 2018

  https://youtu.be/TxCrgvoQ4pQ It's Easter...and you only get one shot at it Excepting the fact that we've been able to buy Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs since the stores took down Christmas decorations, Easter is an important time for many clients’ marketing calendars. It's the time of year that—all things chocolate—becomes a fervid obsession for all of us. Getting the food money-shot Getting the perfect melting chocolate shot...

Forgotten something?
April 12, 2013

Sometimes I can be a bit of an idealist. Over a cup of tea I can daydream of a world without starvation; clean, free air and water; justice for the wicked; yada yada yada…and then I can be a fatalist and concede none of that will ever happen in my lifetime—not while there is power and money to be had by the few. A large part of my ponderings are centered on the logistics of how we could all live more sustainably in the ‘real’ sense. Today I...

Origins of Easter
March 24, 2013

Growing up in Southern Africa our family’s Easter was traditionally Christian—give up something for Lent—I chose brussel sprouts, 40 days of pure heaven! (not the point, I know). We also gently blew the yolks out of hens eggs and painted them as special gifts for family and friends. In my adult life, each Easter passes with the usual commercial fanfare of chocolate and crossed spicy buns, but this year I started to wonder what its actually all...

GMO or NO?
January 14, 2013

On a recent trip to South America I stayed on a beautiful, small island called Amantani, on Lake Titicaca. I was bewildered by the large variety of each food, their amazing colours, sizes and shapes that I have NEVER seen before. Their staple diet which comprises predominantly of corn, potato, quinoa and meat—all grown on the island—got me wondering about the nutritional content of their food. I cant be sure of course, but I would hope that...

Amantani Island
January 2, 2013

There is a tiny island floating in the expansive Lake Titicaca in Central South America. Its peak is 4100ft above sea level—where the air is thin and smells of Muńa and the environment very alien to someone like myself. Until recently the islands people were very insular as if time had been frozen. They are predominantly a farming community, with land only being passed down from generation to generation. No outsiders can be given or purchase land...

Art imitating life?
September 5, 2012

  For the last eight years, I’ve been slowly renovating my little, post-war home into an environmentally-friendly mecca (or so I like to think, anyway). I have, as much as possible, retro-fitted it for maximum sustainability–and one of the many ways I have achieved that is by sadly replacing the gorgeous antique, hand blown, opal glass lampshades with ceiling fans. This season is also the first time I have grown a Blueberry bush and the...

Snuffed out
June 20, 2012

"Stilled Life" My years of shooting everything from high fashion to coal have taken me to wild and wondrous places. These experiences have given me a front row seat at the sources of our food supply. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the shockingly ugly. That connection has given me a enormous respect for the plants and animals that give up their life to sustain ours. For these reasons I’ve made personal choices to grow my own organic veggies, and...

Down the Rabbit hole
May 20, 2012

As a child I had a very vivid imagination, and a penchant for the theatrical. Nowadays, the things I dream up I want to be able to make a reality.  In pixels anyway. My idea was to re-create Lewis Caroll’s Mad Hatter’s tea party, but to capture the mayhem just after the characters had fled the scene. With the assistance of talented food stylist, Jaime Reyes, bringing the magic to the table by creating toadstools with cupcakes, burger-sized...

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