Hemp Macrame hanging egg baskets

Sometimes I can be a bit of an idealist.

Over a cup of tea I can daydream of a world without starvation; clean, free air and water; justice for the wicked; yada yada yada…and then I can be a fatalist and concede none of that will ever happen in my lifetime—not while there is power and money to be had by the few. A large part of my ponderings are centered on the logistics of how we could all live more sustainably in the ‘real’ sense.

Today I had a GRAND train of thought…stick with me on this one…

What if there was a type of plant… that even a black thumb could grow? No fertilisers, pesticides or any other chemicals required to grow strong, super-fast and pest free. What if it actually added nutrients back into the soil it grew in?

What if such a plant, would give me a better source of protein, minerals, fibre, essential fatty and amino acids than fish and its oil—and is vegetarian.?

What if I could also print out this rant on its wondrous dried pulp, and have people be able to read it thousands of years from now, because it will never yellow and its naturally acid free and archival? This plant could take the stress away from forests around the world that spend 30 years or more growing, only to be lopped for paper.

What if it could be made into a more durable fabric than cotton, or into ropes, nets, sails, or even fuel? Imagine that—a renewable, sustainable bio-diesel that would produce much less carbon monoxide. Not so great for the oil giants, but a sigh of relief for the planet and our pockets.

So if it can do all that, maybe it can be a plastic alternative too? I guiltily love my Glad wrap, but would relish an alternative. What if this surprising plant can replace that…and tupperware, and even metal—surely not? How crazy would it be if it could create a crumple-proof car body?

Even crazier than that…what if that same plant could house me? Creating foundations, walls, paneling, and roof, in the form of a lightweight, waterproof, fireproof, self-insulating and pest resistant shelter?

While we’re dreaming, why not consider that our miracle plant could provide relief from, or even cure, a broad range of minor to serious diseases in this world?

Even in my most intense moments of daydreaming the above would be a grandiose concept—surely?

But the actual truth of it is…

That plant has existed and been used for thousands of years.

Without it, the human race would not have succeeded as spectacularly as it has in surviving and growing. Lets hope that when political agenda’s are no longer top priority and instead the planet is, this plant will once again sustain us.

This miracle plant is hemp.

Many thanks to the talented Tracy from Side Street Vintage for macraméing the hanging egg baskets.