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It's Easter—and you only get one shot at it
March 27, 2018

  https://youtu.be/TxCrgvoQ4pQ It's Easter...and you only get one shot at it Excepting the fact that we've been able to buy Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs since the stores took down Christmas decorations, Easter is an important time for many clients’ marketing calendars. It's the time of year that—all things chocolate—becomes a fervid obsession for all of us. Getting the food money-shot Getting the perfect melting chocolate shot...

October 24, 2017

Introducing Brisbane's Pollinator Space This busy bee has been pollinating for new ideas Big things have been a buzz this year. With the latest milestone of my passion project I've achieved a long term plan and am excited to share the news with you. After what seems like years of dreaming, I now own and operate a bespoke, commercial warehouse turned creative/photographic studio in Stafford, on Brisbane’s inner-northside rim. As well as...

Spring is here!
September 1, 2015

Spring has arrived!   And to celebrate today - we decided to get festive with whats in season, beautiful blood oranges. And what could be better than blood orange and Campari popsicles.  Happy Spring. 325ml blood orange juice,  50ml  Campari,  100g  caster sugar,  200ml water,  40ml lemon juice Food Photography:  Nadine Shaw  Food Styling:  Pete...

Australia Day
January 28, 2014

A touch left of centre, but with all the core ingredients, Australia day sizzled. I spent the day with the fabulous Sarah Ferguson celebrating all that is  Australia, with a Mango daiquiri in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other.  It was a perfect day for me, as anyone who knows me well I am sure would crack a lip curl, as it involved a few of my favourite things: great people, organic homegrown produce and utilising and preserving said...

October 31, 2013

Eek – Its Halloween! I am not entirely sure what that means and having done no research I wont venture my thoughts on Halloweens origins, however I will say that this year is the first year that I have ever partaken in the Halloween tradition. Growing up on the southern end of the round ball we reside on, it has not been widely celebrated. But this year I thought I would jump in and it turned out it was a great opportunity to gather with good...

Origins of Easter
March 24, 2013

Growing up in Southern Africa our family’s Easter was traditionally Christian—give up something for Lent—I chose brussel sprouts, 40 days of pure heaven! (not the point, I know). We also gently blew the yolks out of hens eggs and painted them as special gifts for family and friends. In my adult life, each Easter passes with the usual commercial fanfare of chocolate and crossed spicy buns, but this year I started to wonder what its actually all...

December 18, 2012

I love tradition…that is in its “traditional” sense of passing down or handing over something for safekeeping. Traditions at this time of year, in our modern world, certainly mean different things to different people depending on race, religion and even geography. A tradition that started thousands of years ago, will have been adapted, adopted and altered significantly throughout the generations. So while this is not what most would call a...

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