A touch left of centre, but with all the core ingredients, Australia day sizzled.

I spent the day with the fabulous Sarah Ferguson celebrating all that is  Australia, with a Mango daiquiri in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other.  It was a perfect day for me, as anyone who knows me well I am sure would crack a lip curl, as it involved a few of my favourite things: great people, organic homegrown produce and utilising and preserving said homegrown produce in more than one way – which is the foundation mantra of permaculture.

Her mango tree produced an overwhelming glut of which, 20% fed the local possums, another 30% lovingly prepared ready to service delicious Mango Daiquiris and the remainder set aside for her mum’s Mango chutney recipe.

The frozen mango daiquiris were topped with fresh flowering mint from next to the BBQ where the lamb sausages sizzled away slowly, all the time my brain internal monologging with Sam Kekovick, over whether it was just as Australian to to sip daiquiris and wield a sharp knife prepping ingredients for a mango chutney as it is to attempt a game of backyard cricket after a slab of Fourex.

Nevertheless our combined efforts resulted in lazily stirring the slowly simmering mixture on the stove until caramelised, thick and glossy and bottling an amazing mango chutney that is delightful with lamb snags!

Happy Stralia day.

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