Orange and Pomegranate Refresher

Summer is over  and I can feel Autumn’s cool breeze wrapping around the warmth of the day.

Both Autumn and Spring are my favourite times of year. There’s a perception that in this part of the world it doesn’t get cold, or cold enough to whinge about anyway—but the older, timber houses here are designed for keeping breezes circulating on sweltering hot days which doesn’t bode well for keeping winter cold out—brrrr.

So now is the time, I soak in the warmth of the day and yesterday was one of those gorgeous, warm Autumn days.

Hiding in a corner of my fridge was a lonesome pomegranate, some gorgeous juicy oranges and sparkling mineral water,

so I combined them over ice, to make a heavenly and very moorish drink to sip on, while watching the butterflies investigating the last of the flowers on my pineapple sage

Orange and Pomegranate refresher Step 1 Orange and Pomegranate refresher Step 3 Orange and Pomegranate refresher Step 2